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Welcome to House of Hegelund

– A Pioneering Spirit

In the year 1635, a 35 year-old hailing from Denmark, Morten C. Hegelund travelled up north to Norway, well above the Arctic Circle, and settled in the area of Karlsøy .

House of Hegelund delivers products and experiences of the highest quality, all based on the family’s proud local traditions, deep-rooted competence in Arctic ingredients and its commitment for engagement and innovation.

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Culinary History

Fueled by their customary passion for everything food-related, the Hegelunds slowly developed their own recipes and gastronomical traditions, fusing their Danish heritage with the liveliness of their newfound Norwegian home.

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We proudly present

the most

Authentic Arctic Culinaries

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The Arctic – a harsh land of extremes

Above the arctic circle the jagged Norwegian coastline erupts from the ice blue waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

This is not a comfortable environment for even the hardiest of individuals. Fortunately for House of Hegelund, it is the perfect place for harvesting and growing superbly healthy products.

70° 07’ 48” N
Karlsøy Municipality
Northern Norway


To the Hegelund family, it has always been important to take part in social work and to practice charity in the community. We especially care for children’s upbringing conditions, particularly children’s home environment.



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