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The Danish Origins of the Hegelund Clan

The family of Morten Hegelund, who relocated to the Arctic in 1635, comes from Viborg, Ribe and Ebeltoft on the Jutland peninsula of Denmark.

The Hegelund family history is especially tied to that of Viborg. In the 15th and 16th century, numerous Hegelunds reached prominent status in that city by taking on the positions of priests, civil servants, doctors, and even mayors.

The most ancient genealogy of the family of Morten Hegelund reads as such


Morten Christensen Hegelund (*1440): Mayor of Viborg

Christen Mortensen Hegelund (*1475): Councilman in Viborg

Morten Christensen Hegelund (*1505): Unknown

Søren Mortensen Hegelund (*1540) Councilman in Viborg

Christen Sørensen Hegelund (*1570) Mayor of Viborg

Elvevold/ Hansnes

Morten Christensen Hegelund (*1600): Bailiff of the Troms district

Hans Mortensen Heggelund (*1631)

Søren Hansen Heggelund (*1683)

Morten Sørensen Heggelund (*1731)

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