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Company news

08 June 2019

House of Hegelund unveils a brand new concept

An exclusive taste of the Arctic

Ancient and delightful food traditions form the backbone of a new Arctic business concept: House of Hegelund will gather exclusive foods and deliver them to customers across the globe.

The Hegelund family has thrived on a diet of unique Arctic foodstuffs since the year 1635. Ancient food traditions, in combination with fresh and healthy ingredients from the far north form the basis of the concept of House of Hegelund, says Frode Klingenberg, Managing Director and family representant in the firm.

– We can now offer the entire world a taste of Arctic specialties based on old family recipes.

The company will, to begin with, distribute its products directly to international travelers to Norway as well as through its web-store. Frode Klingenberg and other members of the Hegelund family carefully selected only the most unique and flavorful products to be sold under the name House of Hegelund.

– Here up north we can find among other things berries that are as tasty as they are rich in vitamins. We offer several types of berry jams that work well together with Norwegian specialties like flatbread. These, together with flake-salt of the highest quality and fish-spice based of traditional recipes give the international market access to a real taste of the Arctic, explains Klingenberg.

House of Hegelund offers products in the higher price range and its selection is both thoroughly thought out and quality-controlled. Expanding the product-selection to include further exciting Arctic products will become a focal point of the company in the near future.

The Arctic world, characterized by its pristine nature and cold climate is uniquely-suited for the production of healthy and rich foodstuffs. Making full use of the riches of both the sea and the fells, the Hegelund family participated in the development of a one-of-a-kind gastronomical culture.

– Combining our cultural heritage with cutting-edge innovation has been a family tradition for centuries, a tradition that is very much alive today. It is precisely because of this culture that we are now investing so much to distribute local specialties to the rest of the world. Thanks to this unique background, House of Hegelund brand is assured to become synonymous with customer satisfaction and quality guarantee, concludes Frode Klingenberg.

Facts: House of Hegelund

Morten C. Hegelund emigrated from Denmark to the Tromsø region in 1635. The family has been established in the area to this day.

The Hegelunds have always been well-known for their social engagement, creativity and last but not least, their passion for food.

House of Hegelund aims to disseminate Arctic food traditions through both products and experiences and is oriented towards customers that appreciate quality.

House of Hegelund AS is registered in Karlsøy municipality in Troms county, Norway.

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