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Flake Salt:The unique taste of the Arctic Ocean

Since they established themselves on the Arctic coast of Norway in the 1600s, the Hegelunds have made good use of the rich local flake salt to spice up their family recipes and replenish their strength during the long and tough winters.

Sea salt has been harvested since the end of the Stone Age when it was, just like today, both a prized trade good and the most popular spice the world over. In Norway, traditional sea salt harvesting could be done in a number of ways, such as by drying seaweed, building salt ponds or freezing seawater, but these techniques were generally for domestic use only.


This all changed when the Hegelunds settled down in the parish of Karlsøy, at 70 degrees north, in the 1600s, when Norwegian fish started to become a sought-after good on both sides of the Atlantic. To preserve the fish longer, much salt was needed. Some local Norwegian saltworks were established, but most of it was imported. In the Arctic world of the Hegelunds, Russian salt coming all the way from the White Sea was by far the most popular option.

Nevertheless, the traditional salt harvesting techniques remained very much in use and ended up being a core component of the Hegelund gastronomic code. Informed by centuries-old traditions and the pristine quality of the Arctic waters, a long-awaited product is finally seeing the light of the day: the House of Hegelund Flake Salt.

Manually produced and processed through environmentally friendly methods, the Hegelund Flake Salt is among the very best commercially available salt on the market. Its soft yet crispy texture beautifully compliments any dish. Gently crumble or scatter the flakes on lightly dressed green salads, raw or freshly grilled vegetables, fish and other seafood to draw the best flavours from your ingredients. With Hegelund Flake Salt, bringing the unique taste of the Arctic Ocean to your kitchen has never been easier.


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