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An assortment of Arctic delights:
Cloudberry, Lingonberry, Fish spice, Flatbread, Flake Salt and Blueberry.

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“The gift box, Authentic Arctic Culinary, is a diverse selection of delectable delights, top quality.”


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“The Arctic region, with its purity and cold temperatures,

is probably the best region in the world for growing and harvesting healthy ingredients.”

Inside the box!

210 g Cloudberry

210 g Lingonberry

210 g Bilberry (blueberry)

70 g Fish spice

175 g Flake Salt

160 g Flatbread

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Flake Salt: The unique taste of the Arctic Ocean

Bringing the unique taste of the Arctic Ocean to your kitchen has never been easier.

In Scandinavia, sea salt has been harvested since the end of the Stone Age. Since the 1600s the Hegelunds have made good use of the rich local sea salt to spice up their family recipes and replenish their strength during the long and tough winters.

Its soft yet crispy texture beautifully compliments any dish. Gently crumble or scatter the flakes on lightly dressed green salads, raw or freshly grilled vegetables, fish and other seafood to draw the best flavors from your ingredients.

Our Flake Salt is used by Michelin Star restaurants around the world.

Fish spice: Spice up your meal

A great number of unique herbs can be found in the Arctic. Oregano, caraway, juniper, meadowsweet as well as numerous food-herbs such as chives, sorrel, or angelica have all been used by generations of Arctic cooks and homesteaders.

As a matter of fact, many of these herbs were actively cultivated by farmers and other country people when the Hegelund clan began establishing itself in the region in the 17th century.

The Hegelund fish spice are the perfect choice to bring about the best in any fish meal, especially meals that include salmon and trout.

Bilberry (blueberry) jam

The European counterpart of the North-American Blueberry, the Bilberry has long-been a popular foodstuff in the Arctic expenses of Northern Norway. As was the case in most rural communities across the oceanside, the Hegelunds of Karlsøy always spent a considerable amount of time each summer to hike the island fells in search for the famed berry.

Once picked, the family got together to clean, prepare and preserve the berries. While bilberries were consistently popular fresh (especially when baked in pies or spread unto warm toasts), turning them into jam made for a sweeter and longer-lasting delight during the long and cold Arctic winter.

Bilberries that are prepared and distributed today are still handpicked and processed through environmentally-friendly methods and preserved according the age-old recipes passed down the Hegelund family for generations.

Lingonberry Gourmet jam

Possibly the most popular and most-consumed berry in the entire country, the lingonberry has been a gastronomic and cultural staple in Norway for several hundreds of years. The lingonberry, which develops its trademark crimson color through the summer months of the Midnight Sun, grows plentiful both in the coastal and mountain landscapes of the Arctic.

Full of vitamins and antioxidants, the berry was cherished for its surprisingly long storage life and its many, diversified uses. While folk healers prepared numerous remedies from the berry’s pulp, leaves and roots, chefs all over the country preferred using it to bring taste -and color- to their dishes.

Equally fitting on freshly-baked bread, desserts and red-meats, it isn’t surprising that the talented cooks of the Hegelund clan developed a special liking for the berry whose singular, slightly acidic and bitter taste has never failed to turn any meal into unique, vibrant experience.

Flatbread: An hearty Scandinavian staple

Throughout the gastronomical history of Scandinavia, bread has always occupied a place of choice. Flatbread was already common in the Viking age and is still popular today. When the Hegelunds came to Arctic Norway, flatbread was one of the most common foods consumed in the region.

North-Norwegian flatbread was produced using unleavened barley and wheat flour, warmed atop a heated flat stone or an iron pan. These millimeter-thick breads were conserved in wooden buckets and could keep for over a year. It also was the snack of choice of the fishermen and hunters who sailed the polar seas.

Our breads can compliment any dinner table featuring soups, cured meats pickled fish and more. In the family though, nothing is said to top a taste of bread topped with lingonberry jam. Why not give it a try?

Cloudberry: The golden secret of the Arctic

The cloudberry is one of the rarest berries in the northern hemisphere, only to be found in high altitudes of the vast nordic countryside. Because it can only be found in these rare places up in the mountains it got its name – cloudberry – as it grows up in the clouds.

Its golden color, powerful nutrients as well as its seclusive harvesting spots make it one of the best kept secrets of the arctic. Growing in areas close to the arctic circle, the cloudberry can only be harvested in a few countries of the world, like Norway. The harvesting season of the cloudberry is very short in Norway and only lasts from July until September. Since every plant has just one stem, it will bring out one flower with one sole berry in the end.


Throughout the past centuries, cloudberries were used traditionally by sailors and fishermen to ward off scurvy – a severe disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. Because the northern hemisphere is scarce in fruit and vegetables of high vitamin C contents, the cloudberries’ harvesting spots were a well-kept secret among local settlements.

Families, like the Hegelund family, kept secret spots to gather cloudberries to themselves for traditions to get through the dark winter times. Cloudberries were gathered in summer to make long-lasting jams for special fruity winter dishes – especially during Christmas time.


Recipe – Multekrem

Two of the most beloved cloudberry recipes among Norwegians are whipped cream, called Multekrem and a flavorful cloudberry soup. Here’s how to make your own tasty Multekrem, rich in Vitamin C:

For a tasty Multekrem you need the following ingredients:

  • 350 ml Whipping cream
  • 4 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 100 grams Cloudberry Jam

Mix all ingredients gently together after whipping the cream and serve the cloudberry cream ice cold after refrigerating for a while. Vanilla cookies complete the nordic taste experience.

Authentic Arctic Culinary is preferred by gourmets and adventurous people looking for the unusual and unique.

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Typical order:

2 gift boxes $ 109 = $ 218

– 10% discount (coupon TROMSO10) = $ 21.80

Total amount = $ 196.20

* International Express Shipping.

* Delivered straight to your doorstep.

* All shipping cost, VAT and duty included, no surprises.

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