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Cloudberry: The Golden Secret of the Arctic

The cloudberry is one of the rarest berries in the northern hemisphere, only to be found in high altitudes of the vast nordic countryside. Because it can only be found in these rare places up in the mountains it got its name – cloudberry – as it grows up in the clouds.

Its golden color, powerful nutrients as well as its seclusive harvesting spots make it one of the best kept secrets of the arctic. Growing in areas close to the arctic circle, the cloudberry can only be harvested in a few countries of the world, like Norway. The harvesting season of the cloudberry is very short in Norway and only lasts from July until
September. Since every plant has just one stem, it will bring out one flower with one sole berry in the end. [show_product]

Throughout the past centuries, cloudberries were used traditionally by sailors and fishermen to ward off scurvy – a severe disease caused by vitamin C deficiency. Because the northern hemisphere is scarce in fruit and vegetables of high vitamin C contents, the cloudberries’ harvesting spots were a well-kept secret among local settlements.

Families, like the Hegelund family, kept secret spots to gather cloudberries to themselves for traditions to get through the dark winter times. Cloudberries were gathered in summer to make long-lasting jams for special fruity winter dishes – especially during Christmas time. Two of the most beloved cloudberry recipes among Norwegians are whipped cream, called Multekrem and a flavorful cloudberry soup. Here’s how to make your own tasty Multekrem, rich in Vitamin C:


For a tasty Multekrem you need the following ingredients:

  • 350 ml Whipping cream
  • 4 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 100 grams Cloudberry Jam

Mix all ingredients gently together after whipping the cream and serve the cloudberry
cream ice cold after refrigerating for a while. Vanilla cookies complete the nordic taste