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Culinary history

Fueled by their customary passion for everything food-related, the Hegelunds slowly developed their own recipes and gastronomical traditions, fusing their Danish heritage with the liveliness of their newfound Norwegian home.

Bringing in the sophistication of 17th century continental food culture to the Arctic allowed not only the family, but the whole local community to discover and develop new flavors, combinations of ingredients and cooking styles.

Thanks to a near-limitless supply of fresh, local foodstuffs such as hardy cod and salmon fish,  natural herbs and spices as well as all kinds of sweet, vibrant berries, the family kitchen was able to sustain generation after generation of hungry Hegelunds.

Since then, this unique gastronomical culture has grown in symbiosis with its immediate environment all the while remaining open to outside influences and ideas. Bringing together innovation and heritage has been a family tradition for hundreds of years, a tradition that survive to this day through the works of the House of Hegelund.


The Arctic region, with its purity and cold temperatures, is probably the best region in the world for growing and harvesting healthy ingredients.