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Bilberry: A sweet and healthy superberry


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Bilberry (blueberry) Gourmet jam


The European counterpart of the North-American Blueberry, the Bilberry has long-been a popular foodstuff in the Arctic expenses of Northern Norway. As was the case in most rural communities across the oceanside, the Hegelunds of Karlsøy always spent a considerable amount of time each summer to hike the island fells in search for the famed berry.

Bilberries that are prepared and distributed today are still handpicked and processed through environmentally-friendly methods and preserved according the age-old recipes passed down the Hegelund family for generations.


Once picked, the family got together to clean, prepare and preserve the berries. While bilberries were consistently popular fresh (especially when baked in pies or spread unto warm toasts), turning them into jam made for a sweeter and longer-lasting delight during the long and cold Arctic winter.


Net weight: 210 g/ 7.4 oz

Content: Blueberries, sugar, gelling agent (fruit pectin), citric acid. Sodium benzoate added as a preservative. Fruit content 70 g per 100g.

Nutrition facts/100g: Energy 656 kJ/157 kcal.

Refrigate after opening.

GTIN: 7090047810024

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