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Cloudberry: The Golden Secret of the Arctic


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Cloudberry Gourmet jam


Steeped in local folklore, cloudberries are the most exclusive berries in Scandinavia. Plentiful in the northern expanses of Norway, Sweden and Finland, they are often referred to as “the gold of the mountain” because of their shimmering, jewel-like colors.

Cloudberries grow especially well in the high-altitude plateaus and fens of Arctic Norway where they spend the entire summer being nourished by the towering Midnight Sun, before being harvested in the Fall.

Rich in vitamin C and containing twice as much antioxidants as oranges, cloudberries were treasured by the fishermen and farmers who lived off the coast of the Arctic Sea. Not only was the berry an effective way to combat scurvy, its unique, tart and fruity taste made it an extremely  popular treat as well.


Served as jam, or even distilled in a surprisingly sweet liquor, the cloudberry is as versatile and colorful as the spellbinding land it grows from.


Net weight: 210 g/ 7.4 oz

Content: Cloudberries, sugar, gelling agent (fruit pectin). Fruit content 70 g per 100g.

Nutrition facts/100g: Energy 656 kJ/157 kcal.

Refrigate after opening.

GTIN: 7090047810017

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