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Fish spice: Spice up your meal


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A great number of unique herbs can be found in the Arctic. Oregano, caraway, juniper, meadowsweet as well as numerous food-herbs such as chives, sorrel, or angelica have all been used by generations of Arctic cooks and homesteaders.

As a matter of fact, many of these herbs were actively cultivated by farmers and other country people when the Hegelund clan began establishing itself in the region in the 17th century.

The Hegelunds have always been proud of the spice and herb-blends that were, and still are, developed in the family’s kitchens. All the products available today are based on an authentic family tradition.


The Hegelund fish spice are the perfect choice to bring about the best in any fish meal, especially meals that include salmon and trout.


Net weight: 70 g/ 2,4 oz

Content: Sea salt, dill, pepper, flavour enhancer; E621, mustard seed, onions, peppers, lemon.

Nutrition facts/100g: Energy 574 kJ/137 kcal.

Keep dry.

GTIN: 7090047810048

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