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Flake Salt: The unique taste of the Arctic Ocean


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Bringing the unique taste of the Arctic Ocean to your kitchen has never been easier.


In Scandinavia, sea salt has been harvested since the end of the Stone Age. Since the 1600s the Hegelunds have made good use of the rich local sea salt to spice up their family recipes and replenish their strength during the long and tough winters.


Its soft yet crispy texture beautifully compliments any dish. Gently crumble or scatter the flakes on lightly dressed green salads, raw or freshly grilled vegetables, fish and other seafood to draw the best flavors from your ingredients.


Manually produced and processed through environmentally friendly methods.

Net weight: 175 g/ 6,2 oz

Content: 100% sea salt flakes, naturally-occuring minerals. No additives

Keep dry.

GTIN: 7090047810000

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