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Lingonberry (120g): The Scarlet Arctic Treasure


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Lingonberry Gourmet jam


Possibly the most popular and most-consumed berry in the entire country, the lingonberry has been a gastronomic and cultural staple in Norway for several hundreds of years. The lingonberry, which develops its trademark crimson color through the summer months of the Midnight Sun, grows plentiful both in the coastal and mountain landscapes of the Arctic.

Full of vitamins and antioxidants, the berry was cherished for its surprisingly long storage life and its many, diversified uses. While folk healers prepared numerous remedies from the berry’s pulp, leaves and roots, chefs all over the country preferred using it to bring taste -and color- to their dishes.


Equally fitting on freshly-baked bread, desserts and red-meats, it isn’t surprising that the talented cooks of the Hegelund clan developed a special liking for the berry whose singular, slightly acidic and bitter taste has never failed to turn any meal into unique, vibrant experience.


Net weight: 120g.

Content: Lingonberries, sugar, gelling agent (fruit pectin). Sodium benzoagate added as a preservative. Fruit content 65 g per 100g.

Nutrition facts/100g: Energy 739 kJ/177 kcal.

Refrigate after opening.

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