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Frode Klingenberg - House of Hegelund

Hegelund Profiles: Frode

Frode began to develop a deep interest in all things Arctic following the conclusion of a scholarship in International Economy in Germany back in the early 1990s where he was responsible for exporting North-Norwegian salmon.

After pursuing an MBA at the Norwegian School of Management and many years work in the finance and wealth-management sectors, he finally decided to return to working with Arctic products.

“From my childhood days in the Arctic town of Tromsø, I remember the northern lights and the midnight sun as exceptional experiences, yet my fondest memories are all tied to traditional local food.

My family’s cooking tradition has always been based on quality ingredients: Salmon, halibut, blueberry, grouse, moose, cloudberries, prawns, cod, lingonberry, and stockfish to name but a few. My parents would always use old family-recipes to turn those great ingredients into unforgettable meals. Those were the times!”

Besides occupying a leading position in the family businesses associated with the House of Hegelund, Frode also acts as the Chairman of the House of Hegelund Foundation.

In his free time, he is most-often encountered randonee skiing, hunting wild grouse or fishing for halibut.

The Arctic region, with its purity and cold temperatures, is probably the best region in the world for growing and harvesting healthy ingredients.

Frode is the direct descendant of Morten C. Hegelund (1600 – 1660), the Dane settled in the Karlsøy parish in 1635 and established the Hegelund clan.