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The Foundation

The House of Hegelund Foundation

To the Hegelund family, it has always been important to take part in social work and to practice charity in the community.

We especially care for children’s upbringing conditions, particularly children’s home environment and violence in close relationships, which is a widespread issue in society.

One of our main activities is to raise money for specific purposes, in close cooperation with institutions and others. We determine the purpose, the recipient and the amount of money to be raised. The activities will primarily be in Troms County.

We are also grateful for any general contributions.

The House of Hegelund Foundation is a non-profit organization, where volunteers work without any payment.


Chairman of the Board: Frode Klingenberg
Domiciled in Karlsøy Municipality, Norway
Company Registered Number: 919 933 380
Bank account: 1813.57.36895
E-mail: info@houseofhegelund.com