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The Hegelund Family

The Genealogy

In the year 1635, a 35 year-old hailing from Denmark, Morten C. Hegelund, travelled up north to Norway and settled in the area of Karlsøy, well above the Arctic Circle. This event marked the beginning of a near four-century long history for the Hegelund family,  centered on the jagged Norwegian coastline, facing the ice-blue waters of the North Atlantic.

During these four centuries, the Hegelund clan became one of the wealthiest and most-respected families in the whole Karlsøy parish.

The family is well-known for its social engagement, creativity, assiduousness and last but not least, their passion for food and cooking.

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”From an extreme land of ice and the midnight sun; by a proud family of indomitable spirit; through a company of vision and commitments; to the delight of a discerning audience: Authentic Arctic Culinary of which we are proud. This is the essence of House of Hegelund.”