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“Get the best Arctic Norway has to offer!

Surprise a friend, colleague or loved one by sending them a surprise gift package.”


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Or, surprise a friend, colleague or loved one by sending them a surprise gift package.”


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Our exclusive gift box – Authentic Arctic Culinary – is one of our most appreciated products among customers around the world!

Cloudberry, Lingonberry, Fish spice, Flatbread, Flake Salt and Blueberry.

Bought by gourmets and adventurous people looking for the unusual and unique.

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Our culinary history

Fueled by their customary passion for everything food-related, the Hegelunds slowly developed their own recipes and gastronomical traditions, fusing their Danish heritage with the liveliness of their newfound Norwegian home.

Bringing in the sophistication of 17th century continental food culture to the Arctic allowed not only the family, but the whole local community to discover and develop new flavors, combinations of ingredients and cooking styles.

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